Dailinna Store Review Amazon

Dailinna  Store Review Amazon

I was so excited to style this Dailinna wig! I chose the 20 inch unit and it only cost $110 which is a great value for a pre-colored unit. The Lace is 4 inches in the middle and 2 inches on the sides. The lace was actually pre-plucked but I still went in and customized the hairline like I usually do 🥰. I believe they say it was 200% density but its giving 180%! It seems to be a running theme with amazon units to be a few inches short and thin on the ends, but once I gave it a chop you could really see how thick and pretty the hair was. The knots lifted red so to get completely seamless knots I would recommend using color remover instead of bleach. The hair was super silky even after wash and surprisingly little shedding. I can't speak on the longevity, but its a pretty solid unit.   Super convenient because only takes two days to get to you. 

I would rate it 7.5/10